Court Week

Court Week – What You Need to Know

This week is Court Week at the Federal Circuit, with hearings starting today. The Federal Circuit is providing access to live audio of each panel scheduled for argument via the Federal Circuit’s YouTube channel. In total, the court will convene eight panels to consider 37 cases. Of these 37 cases, the court will hear oral arguments in 28. Of these argued cases, two cases attracted amicus briefs, one an en banc case addressing federal benefits and another a government contract case. Here’s what you need to know about these cases.

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Panel Activity

Update on Important Panel Activity

Here is this month’s update on activity in cases pending before panels of the Federal Circuit where the cases involve at least one amicus brief. We keep track of these cases in the “Other Cases” section of our blog. Today, with respect to these cases we highlight two new cases, one with an upcoming oral argument. Additionally, we highlight an opinion in a patent case, a patent case with a new brief, and argument recaps for three cases that were heard in October. Here are the details.

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