Opinions & Orders – July 17, 2023

Late yesterday and this morning, the Federal Circuit released two nonprecedential orders, one denying a petition for a writ of mandamus seeking to order the Western District of Texas to promptly decide a motion to transfer and another dismissing an appeal. This morning, the Federal Circuit also released a summary affirmance in a case appealed from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Here is text from the order denying the petition for a writ of mandamus and links to the dismissal and the summary affirmance.

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Recent News on the Federal Circuit

Here is a report on recent news and commentary related to the Federal Circuit and its cases. Today’s report highlights:

  • an article about how “[a] Federal Circuit panel on Tuesday went in circles trying to lock down how a party can disavow part of an exhibit attached to its complaint”;
  • another article about the Federal Circuit holding “raised tariffs on imports of steel derivatives such as nails and fasteners didn’t exceed the scope of the president’s authority”; and
  • a third article about “[c]hipmaking giant Intel Corp. . . . settl[ing] a patent lawsuit brought by wireless technology developer ParkerVision Inc.”
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