Supreme Court Activity

Recent Supreme Court Activity

Here is an update on recent activity at the Supreme Court in cases decided by the Federal Circuit. The last week has been a busy one. As for granted cases, this week the Court decided United States v. Arthrex, Inc., agreeing with the Federal Circuit that the America Invents Act created an Appointments Clause violation with respect to the appointment and supervision of Administrative Patent Judges in inter partes review proceedings. As for petition cases:

  • three new petitions were filed in patent law, Tucker Act, and pro se cases;
  • two respondents filed briefs in opposition in vaccine and government contract cases;
  • a respondent filed a brief in support of a petition in a patent case;
  • a reply brief was submitted in supported of a petition in a patent case;
  • the government filed waivers of right to respond in a tax case and a pro se case;
  • a petitioner in a patent case filed a motion to dismiss; and
  • the Court dismissed thirteen petitions.

Here are the details.

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