Recent News on the Federal Circuit

American Axle is the Supreme Court’s Chance to Give Patent Eligibility a Tune-Up – On, Dominic Frisina posts on the Supreme Court’s pending decision whether to review a Federal Circuit decision from 2020 related to patent eligibility.

Albright’s Delay in Patent Suit Not ‘Egregious,’ Fed. Cir. Says – Perry Cooper reports on how Freelancer failed to convince the Federal Circuit to order Judge Albright to act on its motion to dismiss in a patent case.

Patent Underlying Walker Process Claims is Not Enough to Give Rise to Federal Circuit Jurisdiction – Caitlin O’Connell and Elizabeth Ferrill write about the Federal Circuit’s decision to transfer a recent case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit due to lack of jurisdiction. 

Fed. Circ. Won’t Allow ‘Focus Vision’ TM, Citing ‘Focus’ Marks – In an article on, Tiffany Hu focuses on the Federal Circuit’s decision on Monday to uphold a Trademark and Appeal Board’s decision in a trademark case.

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