Recent News on the Federal Circuit

Here is a report on recent news and commentary related to the Federal Circuit and its cases. Today’s report highlights:

  • an article discussing the outcome of a patent case originating at the International Trade Commission;
  • a post discussing how the Federal Circuit upheld a Patent Trial and Appeal Board decision that claims did not meet the requirement of eligibility; and
  • an article discussing how the Federal Circuit found that UGG AUSTRALIA was a valid trademark and not generic; and
  • another article discussing how two recent Federal Circuit decisions may be “welcome news for federal employees at all agencies.”
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Opinions & Orders – September 2, 2021

This morning the Federal Circuit issued a precedential opinion in a case addressing the jurisdiction of the United States Court of International Trade. The court also issued a nonprecedential opinion in a case appealed from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board addressing subject matter eligibility. Finally, the court also issued four Rule 36 judgments. Here are the introductions to the opinions and links to the Rule 36 judgments.

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