Recent News on the Federal Circuit

Here is a report on recent news and commentary related to the Federal Circuit and its cases. Today’s report highlights:

  • an article detailing how “[a] South Korean nutritional supplement company correctly lost its BF-7 trademark registration”;
  • another article explaining how “[t]he Federal Circuit has refused to revive Polycom Inc.’s attempt to undo part of a Patent Trial and Appeal Board decision”;
  • a blog post assessing how “‘[a]n abstract idea can generally be described at different levels of abstraction’”; and
  • yet another article discussing how the Federal Circuit has recently provided “an important new data point in the evolving timeliness rules for bid protests filed with the Court of Federal Claims.”
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Opinions & Orders – December 14, 2021

This morning the Federal Circuit issued a precedential opinion reviewing an order transferring an Equal Pay Act claim from the Eastern District of Louisiana to the Court of Federal Claims. The Federal Circuit also issued two nonprecedential opinions. The first comes in an employment case appealed from the Merit Systems Protection Board, while the second comes in a trademark case appealed from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Finally, the court issued two Rule 36 judgments. Here are the introductions to the opinions and links to the Rule 36 judgments.

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