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Argument Recap – Peter v. NantKwest

Today the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Peter v. NantKwest, and—to put it lightly—the government had a tough go. Malcolm Stewart of the Office of the Solicitor General faced a barrage of questions finding fault with the government’s position that patent applicants must pay the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s attorneys’ fees when challenging rejections in federal district court. NantKwest’s Morgan Chu, by contrast, faced many questions seeking to clarify the historical record and NantKwest’s position, but few directly challenging NantKwest’s position on the merits.

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Recent Supreme Court Activity – Report on October 1 Conference

Last week we provided a preview of the 27 petitions distributed for the Supreme Court’s October 1 conference in cases decided by the Federal Circuit. Here is a report on the order list the Supreme Court issued today as a result of its October 1 conference. In a nutshell, the Court denied or dismissed petitions for certiorari in 21 cases decided by the Federal Circuit, and left six other petitions pending.

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Update on Panel Activity

Periodically Fed Circuit Blog will provide an update on important cases pending before panels at the Federal Circuit, particularly cases with amicus briefs. Today we highlight TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd. v. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. At least based on the number of amicus briefs filed in the case, it is one of the most watched cases pending at the court.

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Recent Scholarship Related to the Federal Circuit

Every month here at Fed Circuit Blog we plan to highlight important scholarship—primarily law review articles in draft or final form—related to the Federal Circuit and its jurisdiction and jurisprudence. This month we are highlighting four articles from the Iowa Law Review’s recent symposium addressing patent and administrative law.

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Featured / FedCircuitBlog

Welcome to Fed Circuit Blog

I’m excited to introduce you to Fed Circuit Blog, a project of the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation at the SMU Dedman School of Law. This blog provides comprehensive coverage of activities and news related to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

In several ways the Federal Circuit is a unique court. Given that it has exclusive jurisdiction over appeals in various types of federal cases, unless the Supreme Court reviews its opinions, these opinions govern nationwide.

The court’s exclusive jurisdiction includes appeals in patent cases. Given the impact of patents on the development and use of technology, the Federal Circuit holds an important place in the innovation ecosystem. As a result, Fed Circuit Blog will provide particular insight into the law governing patent cases and its impact on the innovation ecosystem. That said, Fed Circuit Blog will extend its coverage of the court to other areas of the court’s jurisdiction.

So exactly what information will Fed Circuit Blog provide?

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