This morning, the Federal Circuit released two nonprecedential opinions in cases appealed from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the Merit Systems Protection Board, respectively. The Federal Circuit also released four nonprecedential orders: two were summary affirmances and one was a dismissal. Here are the introductions to the opinions and links to the orders.

Selby v. McDonough (Nonprecedential)

Angela Goldman Selby appeals from a decision of the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (“Veterans Court”) affirming a Board of Veterans’ Appeals (“Board”) decision denying her an increased share of her late father’s accrued Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) disability benefits under the provisions of 38 C.F.R. § 3.816. See Selby v. McDonough, No. 22-5763, 2023 WL 5746882 (Vet. App. Sept. 6, 2023) (“Decision”). We affirm.

Steele v. Office of Personnel Management (Nonprecedential)

Jonathan Steele appeals from a final decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (“Board”) denying his request for disability retirement benefits under the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (“FERS”). For the reasons below, we affirm the Board’s decision.

Rule 36 Judgments