This morning, the Federal Circuit released one nonprecedential opinion. It addresses an appeal from a district court’s denial of a motion for preliminary injunction in a patent case. Here is the introduction to the opinion.

Biomedical Device Consultants & Laboratories v. Vivitro Labs, Inc. (Nonprecedential Opinion)

Biomedical Device Consultants & Laboratories of Colorado, LLC (“BDC”) appeals from the decision of the United States District Court for the Central District of California denying its motion for a preliminary injunction.  See Biomedical Device Consultants & Lab’ys of Colo., LLC v. Vivitro Labs, Inc., No. 2:23-CV-04291-HDV, 2023 WL 6783296 (C.D. Cal. Aug. 29, 2023) (“Decision”).  We affirm.