Federal Circuit Announcement

This morning, the Federal Circuit unveiled an announcement that was first given to attendees of the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s Annual Dinner and Reception on Friday. The Court announced plans for the creation of a 2,400 square-foot learning center in Washington, DC that will focus primarily on providing unique learning opportunities focused on the intersection of law and technology to students in the local community. The center is currently planned to open in September 2024. Here is the full text of the announcement.

At this past Friday’s Federal Circuit Bar Association’s 2023 Annual Dinner & Reception, Federal Circuit Chief Judge Kimberly A. Moore announced plans for the creation of a learning center, designed to serve and educate local public school students at the court. With a planned opening in September 2024, the Federal Circuit will unveil a new, state-of-the-art learning center in the heart of Washington, D.C. with a primary focus on providing a unique learning opportunity to students in the local community. Students will be able to tour the combined 2,400 square-feet of historic spaces and engage in interactive educational programming focused on the intersection between law and technology, which is one of the Federal Circuit’s many specialties.

The full notice is available on the court’s website.

For more information on the Federal Circuit announcement, visit the Federal Circuit website or read the full notice here.