This morning, the Federal Circuit released one nonprecedential opinion and two nonprecedential orders. The opinion reviews a judgment of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which dismissed an opposition to the registration of a character mark and design mark. The orders are dismissals. Here is the introduction to the opinion and links to the dismissals.

Trek Bicycle Corp. v. Isaacs (Nonprecedential)

Trek Bicycle Corporation (“Trek”) appeals from a decision of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”) dismissing Trek’s opposition to Ms. Christina Isaacs’s registration of the RANGER TREK standard character mark and the RANGER TREK design mark.  Trek Bicycle Corp. v. Isaacs, Opp’n No. 91232164, 2021 WL 3468080 (T.T.A.B. Aug. 4, 2021) (“Decision”).  The Board found that Trek failed to show, by a preponderance of the evidence, the existence of a likelihood of confusion.  See Decision at *17.  Because substantial evidence supports the Board’s findings as to the challenged DuPont factors and the Board did not err in weighing the DuPont factors, we affirm.