Federal Circuit Announcement

Late yesterday, the Federal Circuit announced the release of a redacted version of a transcript from the July 13, 2023 proceeding regarding Judge Newman, as well as an order relating to the language in the redacted transcript. The transcript was released to the public at the request of Judge Newman. Judge Newman, however, objected to the insertion of the generic descriptor “cardiac condition” as a substitute for a more specific phrase describing her condition that both the Committee and Judge Newman proposed to black out. The special committee overruled Judge Newman’s objection. Here is the full text of the announcement.

Pursuant to Rule 23(b)(8), the Special Committee has released below the transcript of the July 13, 2023 proceeding and related order.

Prior documents in this matter can be found on the court’s website. Neither the Judicial Council, Special Committee, nor the court are providing any additional statements at this time.