Federal Circuit Announcement

Late yesterday, the Federal Circuit announced the public release of a letter and order in the ongoing investigation into Judge Newman’s fitness to serve as a judge. The letter seeks “clarification of the Special Committee’s order as to the scope of investigation and the hearing” scheduled for July 13 and requests “that the hearing be open to the public.” The order indicates the July 13 hearing will not be open to the public. It also indicates “the only subject counsel should address in the brief due on July 5 (and at the hearing on July 13) is whether Judge Newman’s refusal to comply with the Committee’s orders seeking (i) neurological and neuropsychological testing, (ii) medical records, and (iii) an interview constitutes misconduct.” Here is the full text of the announcement, with links to the letter and order.

The Court has approved the public release of the following materials related to the Special Committee’s ongoing investigation. Prior orders in this matter can be found on the court’s website.

Neither the Judicial Council, Special Committee, nor the Court are providing any additional statement at this time.