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Late yesterday, the Federal Circuit announced the public release of additional prior orders and letters in the ongoing investigation into Judge Newman’s fitness to serve as a judge. Notably, the orders continue to prohibit Judge Newman from being assigned to new panels of cases, and one order indicates the Committee conducting the investigation “will focus on the question whether Judge Newman’s refusal to cooperate with the Committee’s investigation constitutes misconduct.” To that end, the Committee also set a deadline of July 5 for Judge Newman to submit “a brief limited to addressing the question whether Judge Newman’s refusal to undergo examinations, to provide medical records, and to sit for an interview with the Committee as described in the May 16 Order constitute misconduct and the appropriate remedy if the Committee were to make a finding of misconduct.” The Committee also indicated it will hear oral argument on the matter on July 13 in a closed-door hearing. Here is the full text of the announcement, with links to the orders.

The Court has approved the public release of all prior orders of the Special Committee and the Judicial Council, as well as Judge Newman’s Letter Responses to date, with appropriate redactions to protect the identity of witnesses.  These orders, including orders entered today, are available below. Prior orders in this matter can be found on the court’s website.

Neither the Judicial Council, Special Committee, nor the Court are providing any additional statement at this time.