This morning, the Federal Circuit released a precedential opinion in a case appealed from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. In the opinion, the Federal Circuit explains why it dismissed the appeal for lack of jurisdiction. The court also released seven nonprecedential orders, six granting summary affirmances under Rule 36 and one dismissing an appeal. Here is the introduction to the opinion and links to the orders.

Duran v. McDonough (Nonprecedential)

Guadalupe R. Duran appeals from the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (“the Veterans Court”) affirming a Board of Veterans’ Appeals (“the Board”) decision that denied Duran’s claim for an effective date earlier than March 1, 1987 for survivor’s pension benefits. Duran v. McDonough, No. 18-6966, 2021 WL 4472536 (Vet. App. Sept. 30, 2021) (“Decision”). For the reasons detailed below, we dismiss Duran’s appeal for lack of jurisdiction.

Rule 36 Judgments