This morning the Federal Circuit issued two nonprecedential opinions and a Rule 36 judgment. In the first opinion, the court dismissed an appeal from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. In the second opinion, the Federal Circuit affirmed a judgment of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Here are the introductions to the opinions and a link to the Rule 36 judgment.

Francis v. McDonough (Nonprecedential)

George L. Francis appeals from the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (“the Veterans Court”) affirming a decision of the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (“the Board”) that denied Francis’s supplemental claim of service connection for prostate cancer based on exposure to herbicides while on temporary duty in Thailand. Francis v. McDonough, No. 21-0358, 2021 WL 5903366 (Vet. App. Dec. 14, 2021) (“Decision”). For the reasons detailed below, we dismiss Francis’s appeal for lack of jurisdiction.

Chemco Systems, L.P. v. RDP Technologies, Inc. (Nonprecedential)

Chemco Systems, L.P. (“Chemco”) petitioned for inter partes review of claims 1 and 2 of U.S. Patent No. 7,416,673 (“the ʼ673 patent”) owned by appellee RDP Technologies, Inc. In a final written decision, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”) determined Chemco had not shown these claims were unpatentable as obvious. The Board denied Chemco’s rehearing request. Chemco appeals. We affirm.

Rule 36 Judgments