Today the Federal Circuit released three nonprecedential orders. One summarily affirms and two dismiss appeals. Here is text from the order summarily affirming and links to the dismissals.

Lopez v. United States (Nonprecedential Order)

Arthur Lopez files his opening brief and moves for leave to file supplemental pages to his opening brief and appendix, which we grant. Mr. Lopez also moves for alternative service, which we deny. Upon review of Mr. Lopez’s arguments, read liberally in this pro se appeal, and the decision of the United States Court of Federal Claims, we determine that this case is appropriate for summary affirmance. See 28 U.S.C. § 1915(e).

* * *

We have considered Mr. Lopez’s other arguments; they raise no cognizable, non-frivolous basis for finding error in the Court of Federal Claims’ judgment.



(1) ECF No. 16 is accepted for filing as Mr. Lopez’s opening brief and appendix.

(2) ECF No. 17 is granted to the extent that pages 4 to 27 of ECF No. 17 are accepted as supplemental pages to Mr. Lopez’s opening brief and appendix. The motion is otherwise denied.

(3) The Court of Federal Claims’ judgment is summarily affirmed.

(4) Each side shall bear its own costs.