Here is a report on recent news and commentary related to the Federal Circuit and its cases. Today’s report highlights:

  • an article about a “multibillion-dollar patent infringement case at the Federal Circuit”;
  • another article about the declining number of Delaware patent filings; and
  • a blog post about the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issuing sanctions based on abuse of the inter partes review process.

Samantha Handler wrote an article for Bloomberg Law about Intel Corp. and VLSI Technology LLC’s “multibillion-dollar patent infringement case at the Federal Circuit.” Handler reported that Intel is arguing that the PTAB erred when it found “that Intel couldn’t rely on one of the prior art references to show that the [asserted] patent’s claims were obvious.”

Scott Graham authored an article for about the recent decline in Delaware patent filings. Graham reported that, in April, Delaware Chief U.S. District Judge Colm Connolly began “requiring litigants in his court to disclose basically everything about their corporate structure and any third-party litigation funding.” Graham reported how “Unified Patents General Counsel Jonathan Stroud says the decline can largely be chalked up to patent owners affiliated with Texas IP licensing firm IP Edge,” which is “starting to shun Delaware.”

Dennis Crouch composed a blog post for PatentlyO about how the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director issued sanctions against OpenSky after finding OpenSky “abused the IPR process.” Crouch reported how “OpenSky filed its IPR petition soon after VLSI won a $2 billion judgment against Intel” and OpenSky was, “[e]ssentially, asking for some pay-off to either continue its challenge or to bow-out.”