This morning the Federal Circuit issued a nonprecedential opinion in a government contract case appealed from the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals. Here is the introduction to the opinion.

GSC Construction, Inc. v. Secretary of the Army (Nonprecedential)

GSC Construction, Inc. contracted with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (“the Army”) to build two warehouses. After GSC failed to meet several deadlines, the Army terminated the contract for default. GSC appealed to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (“the Board”). The Board denied GSC’s appeal. Appeals of GSC Constr., Inc., ASBCA Nos. 59402, 59601, 21-1 B.C.A. (CCH) ¶ 37751 (A.S.B.C.A. Nov. 24, 2020), J.A. 1–80 (“Decision”). We affirm the Board’s decision for the reasons explained below.