This morning the Federal Circuit issued a nonprecedential opinion in a patent case appealed from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and a nonprecedential opinion in an employment case appealed from an arbitration. Here are the introductions to the opinions.

Magseis FF LLC v. Seabed Geosolutions (US) Inc. (Nonprecedential)

Magseis FF LLC appeals two final written decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board holding that certain claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,228,761 and 8,879,362 would have been obvious. Seabed Geosolutions (US), Inc. v. Magseis FF LLC, No. IPR2018-00961, 2019 WL 5777754 (P.T.A.B. Nov. 5, 2019) (Board Decision); Seabed Geosolutions (US), Inc. v. Magseis FF LLC, No. IPR2018-00962, 2019 WL 5802500 (P.T.A.B. Nov. 6, 2019). Because substantial evidence supports the Board’s fact findings, we affirm.

Arceneaux v. Internal Revenue Service (Nonprecedential)

Angel Arceneaux invoked an arbitration clause in her collective bargaining agreement after she was removed from her job at the IRS. The arbitrator dismissed that invocation as untimely. Because we agree with the arbitrator that Ms. Arceneaux’s invocation of arbitration was untimely, we affirm.