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Can a Patent Violate the Laws of Chemistry and Physics?

Reported by Audrey A Millemann on

In a post on, Audrey Millemann reviews a decision by the Federal Circuit in In re Hu affirming the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s rejection of patent claims. Millemann reports that the Federal Circuit “compared the invention to inventions for perpetual motion machines and cold fusion” and “[t]here was no scientific support for the invention.”

Federal Circuit Reaffirms Targeted Advertising Is an Abstract Concept

Reported by Regan J. Rundio, Caitlin E. O’Connell, and Elizabeth D. Ferrill on

Three Finnegan attorneys published an article at the National Law Review on Free Stream Media Corp. v. Alphonso Inc., where the Federal Circuit Court determined that “the claims were directed to the abstract idea of ‘targeted advertising.’” The article examines the decision and notes that “the Court was not persuaded that the claims embodied an ‘inventive solution to a problem’; rather, the Court found that the claims simply recited conventionally arranged generic components that, even as an ordered combination, failed to permit ‘communications that were previously not possible.’”