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Google Ruling Yields Patent Prosecution Appeal Prep Lessons

Reported by Jason German on

In his article, Jason German uses the recent case, In re: Google Technology Holdings LLC, as an example of how to prepare a patent application for potential appeal to the Federal Circuit. German argues that “when the applicant and USPTO reach an impasse on what the applicant believes is a strong position, then an appeal to the Federal Circuit can be the shortest path to allowance, the most cost-effective approach to favorably resolving prosecution, and the only option for an allowance without narrowing the claims.”

Intel Urges Federal Circuit to Stop Patent Trial Move To Waco

Reported by Matthew Bultman on

The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to impact patent litigation around the country. Matthew Bultman reports that Intel recently asked the Federal Circuit to weigh in on where in Texas its trial will take place. Intel argues that Austin is a more favorable location than Waco because of the respective infection rates in both cities.