Federal Circuit Announcement

Consistent with last week’s announcement, today the Federal Circuit issued a Notice of Updated Electronic Filing Procedures and Materials for Unrepresented Parties. In it, the court confirmed the that the previously-announced changes to the Clerk’s Office procedures are now in effect. Here is the text of today’s Notice.

Effective today, electronic filing for unrepresented parties is available.  Additionally, the Clerk’s Office has implemented several modifications to its procedures, including the resumption of public assistance by telephone.  Details of these changes were announced on September 24, 2020, and are outlined in the Notice of Modification to Clerk’s Office Procedures and the Notice of Implementation of Electronic Filing for Unrepresented Parties

Updated versions of the Electronic Filing Procedures and Guide for Unrepresented Parties, as well as additional content are now available throughout the court’s website.

Unrepresented parties interested in electronic filing must first (1) register for a Non-Attorney Electronic Filing and (2) submit an updated Form 8B to the Clerk’s Office before they will have the ability to file electronically.