Featured / Federal Circuit Announcement

This morning the Federal Circuit issued an announcement reminding the public that its most recent amendments to its Rules go into effect today and apply to all cases filed or pending on or after today. Based on new provisions in the Rules, the Clerk of Court today also issued updated versions of the court’s forms, Electronic Filing ProceduresGuide for Oral Argument, and Guide for Unrepresented Parties. The Clerk also issued two notices, one establishing rates for taxation of costs and another addressing electronic filing for unrepresented parties. Here is the text of this morning’s announcement.

The July 1, 2020 amendments to the Federal Circuit Rules go into effect today. The final version of the Federal Circuit Rules (July 1, 2020) is available on the court’s website and will apply to all cases filed or pending on or after July 1, 2020, to the extent practicable. The court has also adopted changes to many of its official forms, which should be used, as required, for any filings made on or after July 1, 2020. All updated and existing forms are located on the court’s website.

As part of the implementation of these amendments, the Clerk’s Office has issued updated versions of the Electronic Filing ProceduresGuide for Oral ArgumentGuide for Unrepresented Parties (formerly “Guide for Pro Se Appellants and Petitioners”), and additional content through the court’s website. 

Based on new provisions in the Rules, the Clerk of Court has also issued two notices.  The first notice sets the maximum rate of taxation of costs pursuant to Fed. Cir. R. 39(c); these rates are unchanged from those in effect before July 1, 2020, and update the available taxation items based on the current paper brief copy requirements under the Rules.  The second notice provides that electronic filing for unrepresented parties will be available beginning October 1, 2020; in the interim, the Clerk’s Office will continue to provide modified electronic filing and service procedures consistent with Administrative Order 20-01 (March 20, 2020). [July 1, 2020]

Today’s announcement followed an initial announcement about the court’s proposed changes and, following a period of public comment, a second announcement indicating the proposed changes were adopted with some minor modifications. We previously commented on both of these prior announcements.