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I’m excited to announce several new ways for you to stay up to date on Federal Circuit cases and news. We have created a daily digest email as well as a presence on various social media platforms. Read on for the details.

Starting today Fed Circuit Blog will be sending out a Daily Digest highlighting this blog’s recent posts. We will send this email every day around 9:00 AM Eastern. The email will provide summary of all blog posts since the last Daily Digest. Most days the Digest will cover at least one substantive blog post (e.g., an update on en banc or Supreme Court activity), as well as a summary of recent opinions issued by the Federal Circuit. If you’d like to sign up for these emails, you can do so at the bottom of our homepage.

In addition to the Daily Digest, we have created pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We plan to update these pages periodically to highlight our recent blog posts. Be sure to follow us on each of these platforms to receive updates about what we are discussing.

We hope you will make use of these new resources.