Yifru v. United States

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Question(s) Presented

“A consular officer issued a visa to an alien, without executing the application under oath as required by statute. Nevertheless, the officer exacted him a discretionary fee —to get a ‘new seed’ immigrant and Americanize him. The alien who had a valid employment contract with a foreign government resigned and immigrated. The alien was provided with neither public assistance nor unemployment compensation and became homeless indefinitely. The question presented is:”

1. “Whether the government intentional interference with an alien’s valid employment contract that results in the alien’s indefinite homelessness is a taking. In other words, whether an alien’s valid employment contract with a foreign government is a protected property interest.”

“Homeless individuals have the right to be represented by their own choice of counsel at the government expense for a denial of public benefit. The question presented is:”

2. “Whether a homeless individual is entitled to an assignment of counsel and injunctive reliefs to institute a taking claim for his appropriated employment contract.”

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Proceedings and Orders
May 22, 2024
DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 6/6/2024.
June 10, 2024
Petition DENIED.